Total Prize of 7 Billion Rupiah, EVOS.AOV Ready to Compete at AIC 2019 Thailand

Datosphera.com – One of the biggest international tournaments AOV International Championship (AIC) 2019 will be held in November 2019 in Thailand.

The Indonesian team will fight against 11 other teams, namely Chinese Taipei, Thailand, Vietnam, MSP, Korea, Europe, China and Japan to compete for another spectacular total prize of 500 thousand USD (7 billion rupiah).

Each country will conduct their respective national qualification sessions to determine the representatives of the teams that will compete in AIC 2019.

Drawing Group Stage AIC 2019 itself will be held in Vietnam on October 12, 2019.

Indonesia itself has conducted qualification sessions through tournaments AOV Star League (ASL) by ESL Season 3 2019 yesterday and EVOS.AOV was selected after silencing SES ALFALINK 3-2 in the final round.

The champion is EVOS.AOV’s third consecutive victory in the AOV Star League (ASL) tournament.

The team consisting of Gilang “llaF” Dwi Falah, Henri “Carraway” Teja, Satria “Wiraww” Adi Wiratama, Hartanto “POKKA” Lius, Farhan “ssnaH” Akbari Ardiansyah, and Hartawan “Wyvorz” Muliadi have been equipped with more playing experiences. maturity and higher morale to compete in AIC 2019.

The champion of the AIC 2019 will bring home the main prize of 200 thousand United States dollars, equivalent to 2.8 billion rupiah.

2019 AIC Prize

Following are the details of the prizes given to AIC 2019 participants.

AIC 2019 | Prize Pool Breakdown

What’s special about AIC 2019 is the presence of 1v1 tournaments for all top athletes from each team.

Not only will it add to the excitement of the tournament and these top athletes can show their playing skills, but the 1v1 tournament also provides a prize of 5 thousand USD (70 million rupiah) for 1 best athlete.

AIC 2019 will adapt the format Global Ban Pick (Global BP) when entering the round Knockout.

Through this format, athletes cannot choose the same Hero in one match, making it more challenging.

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