THIS IS Knights Chronicle’s 2nd Anniversary Celebration

Datosphera.com – Netmarble Games celebrating the 2nd birthday mobile game Anime RPG Knights Chronicle in June 2020.

In update Two Years of Knights Chronicle, featured Adventure Area 14 Shadow Guild – The Third Division new has been added.

Gamers has been able to play story new about saving the world together with Hidden Story the background of the story Awaken Hero popular.

Hidden Story can be played after gamers complete the story with difficulty level ‘Hard‘.

Hero Awaken White Knights Marduk

Hero Awaken White Knights ‘Marduk’ is now available.

Marduk’s Awakenings have great abilities in the Arena and Boss Battle with Passive Skill strength and other enhancements.

Hero SSR Maruhan

A new SSR Hero, Maruhan, has also been added. The enemy is a Type attacker Water who are dealing with Yin Yang Harmony.

Leader Skill Maruhan’s possession increases the chance Counterattack of all ally.

Hero Ysabella now gets an additional new swimsuit costume ‘Midsummer Nights Healer’.

2nd Anniversary Knights Chronicle event

Netmarble Games presents various prizes only with login from 2nd Anniversary Check-in Event.

Other than that, gamers also can get Awakening Essence, ★ 4 SSR Selector, and many more through Collect Coin or Trade Events.

More complete information about the Knights Chronicle can be seen via website Knights Chronicle Indonesia and Facebook Knights Chronicle.

Knights Chronicle is released for FREE on Android and iOS.
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