The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Collaborates with Attack on Titan

Datosphera.com – Netmarble Games presenting update the latest mobile game The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross by collaborating together Attack on Titan in protecting the Liones kingdom from enemy attacks.

Gamers can collect the newest characters from Attack on Titan and enjoy a wide variety event and activities in games which is ongoing today until August 4, 2020.

New Character Attack on Titan

Four new characters from the Attack on Titan series, namely SSR [Titan Form] Eren Yeager, SSR [Greatest Soldier] Mikasa Ackerman, SSR [Greatest Soldier] Levi, and SR [Kadet] Eren Yeager already available.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Collaboration Attack on Titan

All characters grade SSR can be obtained through Pick Up Draw Attack on Titan, meanwhile SR [Kadet] Eren Yeager can be obtained for FREE through various event including World Quest the place Seven Deadly Sins join together to protect Liones from the attacks of the Titans.

Gamers also get to witness the changes SSR [Titan Form] Eren Yeager Becomes Titan when doing Ultimate Move in the middle of the game.

New Attack on Titan costume

New costumes for characters Eren Yeager, Levi, and Mikasa Ackerman already available for purchase by gamers.

Lucky Box event

Event ‘Lucky Box’ providing opportunity gamers to collect 3 Tickets which can be exchanged for gifts Diamond and Gold through login, participate in event collaboration, and sharing on social media.

Gamers also can get additional prizes by exchanging ‘Raffle Tickets’.

Here’s a diverse list event Collaboration The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross x Attack on Titan, namely:

[7DS] × [AOT] Login Event

With login to games every day, gamers can obtain SR [Kadet] Eren Yeager FREE on the first day, Diamond, up to 10 Pick Up Ticket for 14 days.

[7DS] × [AOT] Collaboration Pick Up Draw

Gamers can participate in Pick Up Draw Collaboration consisting of 3 SSR Hero [AOT].

Gamers will acquire SSR Hero and Collaboration Hero [AOT] according to achievement Mileage.

[7DS] × [AOT] Expulsion of Titan

Gamers chance to arrange 8 Hero Elite to defeat Titan after finished [7DS] × [AOT] World Quest.

Other than that, SR [Kadet] Eren Yeager also can be had upon completion Quest first.

[7DS] × [AOT] Conquest Titan

Maximum 4 gamers can play together to beat Titan stronger by using “Titan Kingdom Report” obtained when [7DS] × [AOT] Expulsion Titan.

Gifts like Costum Hero Collaboration, Material Growth, and Material Exchange can be used to swap SR [Kadet] Eren Yeager.

[7DS] × [AOT] Hawk Pass event

When purchasing a special product, gamers can get Eren Yeager’s Costume Set, Mikasa’s stamp, and SSR Fixed Ticket Part 2.

Gamers will acquire SR [Kadet] Eren Yeager if you successfully complete this mission.

[7DS] × [AOT] Special Mission

A special mission to celebrate the Attack on Titan collaboration can be played and gamers who finishes will get SR [Kadet] Eren Yeager.

The Seven Dealdy Sins: Grand Cross represents RPG mobile game with high-resolution 3D Graphics and more than 100 cutscenes, as well as the role of a lineup of original Japanese voice actors who re-portray their characters, bringing the audience to life Hero from Seven Deadly Sins.

Gamers You can choose a variety of Seven Deadly Sins characters and form a mainstay team to defeat the enemy using a battle system Skill Card never seen before.

Further information about The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross can be found at The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross website and Facebook The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross.

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