The 2018 HPL Global Championship was successfully held

Datosphera.com – HPL (Hero Pro League) Global Championship 2018 which lasted for 4 days in Shanghai, China, ended on January 21, 2018.

The final result of the match won the Nz · T team from Taiwan who had attended the HPL for the third time.

For clan Southeast Asia, WarOfElite successfully reached the top 8 position as well Clan others such as MOBA, Bloodkill and Signature Thailand, featuring great playing performances.

HPL Global Championship 2018 – Winners

Global Live Streaming with 80 Million Views

The 2018 HPL Global Championship ended with the top 16 clan from all over the world the chance to play gameplay The latest Crisis Action in PUBG style (PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS).

In gameplay these, 100 gamers enter the match arena and only one can become the winner.

Out of a total of 3 rounds played, the NP clan wins first place with total score 1780.

For the overall event of the 2018 HPL Global Championship, Crisis Action won a total of 80 million views and thousands fans who watched live in the arena.

hpl global championship 2018 audience

HPL Global Championship 2018 – Audience

PUBG-style is Coming Soon

Crisis Action is releasing soon gameplay with PUBG style in Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia.

The game will start with 100 gamers empty handed.

Weapons and armor can be obtained when gamers explore the island and beat 99 gamers other.

Gamers also have to be careful of the safety zone which is getting smaller because at the end of the game, only one gamers who can win the match.

hpl global championship 2018 pubg mode

HPL Global Championship 2018 – PUBG Mode

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