The 2018 AOV National Championship Grand Final will be held in Surabaya

Datosphera.com – The 2018 AOV National Championship tournament has found 4 semi-finalist teams that will compete for a total cash prize of 300 million rupiah.

The 2018 AOV National Championship (ANC) Grand Final was held on Saturday, April 14 2018 at the Tunjungan Plaza 6 Atrium in the city of Surabaya.

The following four teams will compete; Nova, Chronicles, SES • VOC? IKAMIL1, and SGM.

Overall, the four teams managed to beat 3000 other teams in the round local and regional which has been held since January 2018.

AOV Princess Cup 2018 – The Finalist

In addition to the 2018 ANC, the final round of the AOV Princess Cup 2018 was also held in Surabaya, a special eSports competition gamers girls.

Princess Cup 2018 also received 2 Grand Finalists, namely Bigetron Universe and NXA Ladies.

ANC 2018 is the largest national scale semi-professional tournament held in 23 cities in Indonesia.

2018 AOV National Championship Prizes

In addition to hundreds of millions of rupiah in cash, the best team that won ANC 2018 also received tickets to compete in the professional AOV eSports league, AOV Star League (ASL) 2018.

The selection of Surabaya as the final location for ANC 2018 is the result of this voting the gamers in the selection of the match location.

Further information about the Arena of Valor can be seen at website Arena of Valor and Facebook Arena of Valor.

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