Datosphera.com - Event Mobile Legends: All Star 2019 which took place on 20 July 2019 has ended, with the first winner of this tournament being Team Moniyan.The Moniyan team, consisting of ONIC-UDIL, AURA-Sugar, ONIC-DRIAN, LOUVRE-Marsha, SherlinTsu, and Anna Ladaina, have defeated 3 other teams, namely the Dark Abyss, team Magic Academy, and team EruditioMLBB All Star 2019 | Team Moniyan WinnerTeam Moniyan managed to win...
Datosphera.com - Garena Indonesia announced the start of the AOV Star League 2018 (ASL 2018) Season 1 Tournament in early March 2018.Lots scene interesting things that happened in the previous game, starting from theft Dark Slayer, until comeback at the last minute.Theft Dark Slayer this is not an easy thing to imitate. GM Maraville himself has analyzed the incident of theft Dark Slayer which the...