Datosphera.com - One of the biggest international tournaments AOV International Championship (AIC) 2019 will be held in November 2019 in Thailand.The Indonesian team will fight against 11 other teams, namely Chinese Taipei, Thailand, Vietnam, MSP, Korea, Europe, China and Japan to compete for another spectacular total prize of 500 thousand USD (7 billion rupiah).Each country will conduct their respective national qualification sessions to determine the...
Datosphera.com - The record for the number of participants was carved again Garena Indonesia, more than 20,000 gamers have registered to follow Point Blank Garena Championship (PBGC) 2018.Also read: Thousands of Point Blank Garena Championship 2018 Grand Final Tickets are selling wellAfter the city and regional tournaments have finished with many fierce matches, the 9 best teams from all over Indonesia are ready to enter...