Datosphera.com - Netmarble Games announce update latest attendance Guardians of the Galaxy, in mobile game MARVEL Future Fight.Character Guardians of Galaxy, Quest, and various Uniform latest available for collection gamers.Five new characters who have joined the team Guardians of Galaxy has been added to the games.These characters are BETA RAY BILL, PHYLA-VELL, DARKHAWK, NOVA (RICHARD RIDER), and GLADIATOR.Uniform new included Grounded Uniform belong to Star-Lord...
Datosphera.com - Special opportunities are now available to gamers who want to develop work in the field content creator Arena of Valor Indonesia through AOV Future Star.Through the AOV Future Star program, Garena Indonesia invite the YouTuber, Instagram, fan artist and cosplayer to join in and be the next AOV Future Star.Registration for the AOV Future Star Season 1 program takes place from 5 -...