Datosphera.com - Netmarble Games announce update latest attendance Guardians of the Galaxy, in mobile game MARVEL Future Fight.Character Guardians of Galaxy, Quest, and various Uniform latest available for collection gamers.Five new characters who have joined the team Guardians of Galaxy has been added to the games.These characters are BETA RAY BILL, PHYLA-VELL, DARKHAWK, NOVA (RICHARD RIDER), and GLADIATOR.Uniform new included Grounded Uniform belong to Star-Lord...
Datosphera.com - After being successful in Yangon and Kuala Lumpur, the FIGHT Forest Interactive x Mobile Legends Tournament will soon be held in Jakarta, August 18 2019.The tournament was held at the eSport High Grounds cafe, PIK, North Jakarta. This tournament is held in Jakarta to say hello gamers Homeland Mobile Legends.Sharon Maurenn as the organizer stated that Jakarta is one of the cities with...