Datosphera.com - Netmarble Games presenting update latest features Awaken and Ruby Refund Event in action mobile game RPG THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR in June 2020.Ruby Refund Event'Ruby Refund' Event this limited period provides additional Ruby according to the amount used by gamers.Other than that, gamers also can do check-in and complete a variety Daily Mission to get the total up to 30,000 Rubies for...
Datosphera.com - Netmarble Games announce special update second most recent to Blade & Soul Revolution that displays World Boss Event and Special Event other.World Boss EventBlade & Soul Revolution | World Boss Event UpdateThere are four types World Boss who was present at update Blade & Soul Revolution in May 2020 namely, Wu Fo, Slayer Salgol, Dark Lycan, and Gabuja which is divided by area.World...
Datosphera.com - Showcase event Lineage 2: Revolution Indonesia which is held Netmarble Games Indonesia on 24 February 2018 the UpperRoom Annex Building has ended. Showcase event made to introduce mobile game MMORPG Lineage 2: Revolution Indonesia attracted hundreds of visitors and gamers in Indonesia.Netmarble Games Indonesia shows the battle from Lineage 2: Revolution Indonesia, namely Fortress Siege 30 vs 30.Lineage 2: Revolution Indonesia | Event...