Datosphera.com - THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR from Netmarble Games bring collaboration update and event with serial Gintama throughout July - August 2020.THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR x Gintama collaboration will take place from today to August 13, 2020.New Character THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR x GintamaTen new characters included Gintoki, the main character of this series can be found inside games.This latest collaboration features...
Datosphera.com - Game developer Indonesia, Niji Games announced the results of the collaboration games the latest education "Let's Prevent Viruses" that has been able to download on Android FREE.On games Let's Prevent Viruses, gamers will follow daily activities Bima during this Corona pandemic, and in carrying out various activities gamers will receive preventive or health information in kind mini-game or narrative stories.Let's Prevent Game VirusesLet's...