Datosphera.com - Netmarble Games announce special update welcome the 1st year celebration BTS WORLD, mobile simulation game who invites gamers Becomes Manager Idol BTS.Update BTS WORLD 1st Anniversary presents "Our Sweet Memories!" Web Event, with prizes in the form of 5-star selector when finishing all Mission, as well Event Draw based on songs from Original BTS WORLD OST."Our Sweet Memories!" Web Event takes place from...
Datosphera.com - Netmarble Games announce attendance special update May 2020 for BTS WORLD by presenting chapter the latest "Another Story" Season 2.Chapter the latest Another Story Season 2 comes with Yunki as the main star, including card 5 latest, special event, and update event and feature other.Features "Another Story" BTS WORLD shows the lives of the members if they don't belong to BTS.Now the members...