StoneAge World Releases Update Dungeon Thief’s Hideout

Datosphera.com – Towards the end of July 2020, Netmarble Games released an update mobile game MMORPG StoneAge World with Pets, Content, and Event the latest.

The character level limit has now been increased from Lv. 99 to Lv. 109, with Equipment which can be unlocked upon reaching Lv. 100.

As part of the update July 2020, Thief’s Hideout’s open dungeon is available to be played by gamers above Level 100.

Gamers must complete 4 floors deep games with strategy and assigning Pet best to beat Boss.

After collecting enough Torch, gamers can continue to the next floor and receive a gift like Stone and Soulstone by participating in battles on Dungeon.

Two out of four Pet newly added ie Baibo and Tralopho will be available for capture.

While Winloth and Sandizard can be obtained by collecting Soulstone from Reward Dungeon and Summon Pet use Soulstone the.

Floor 5 – 7 of Thief’s Hideout will be added in the near future.

Here’s the list update StoneAge World in July 2020, namely:

  • New Pet – Baibo, Winloth, Sandizard, and Tralopho are now available for collection by Trainers.
  • 21 Day Check-In Event – Gamers will receive abundant prizes every time they log in to StoneAge World for 21 days.
  • Thief’s Hideout Play Mission – Gamers You can get various items such as Trainer’s Rope and Pet Coin when playing Thief’s Hideout.

StoneAge World is a mobile game with the concept Pet collection with the system role-playing game (RPG).

These two concepts are blended together with a fun and adventurous MMO experience in prehistoric times.

In the games which is set in Tectonika, gamers will act as “Trainer“, Namely strong warriors who are responsible for protecting Tectonika from enemies by gathering, taming, and training Pet.

Together more than 250 Pet starting from dinosaur, mammoth, pigs, wolves and more, gamers can explore the uniqueness of prehistoric society and keep Tectonika of the mysterious enemy threat that came from Machine Civilization.

Further information about StoneAge World can be seen at website StoneAge World and Facebook StoneAge World.

StoneAge World is released for FREE on Android and iOS.
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