Shadow Seven Skins Release Latest Summer Costume Edition

Datosphera.com – Shadow Seven release skins latest edition Summer Costume for the characters Sai, Leah, Effie, Telos, and Rico for a limited time period throughout 25 June 2020 – 23 July 2020.

Game developer Shadow Seven, Neptune Company also announced that the five characters above are getting an edition Summer Costume then the first wave and for other characters will also get skins Summer Costume in the near future.

Gamers can already buy the newest Summer Costume at in-game Store.

Summer Costume Wallpapers

Shadow Seven | Summer Costume Wallpapers

For gamers who want to enhance the appearance smartphone with characters from Shadow Seven, Neptune Company has released Summer Costume Wallpapers which can be directly on download.

Download Summer Costume Wallpapers

Shadow Seven is meruakan SRPG PVP mobile game of the Neptune Company. Gamers can collect hundreds of kinds of characters with anime style in the form of card-deck.

Every character from Shadow Seven voiced by the voice-actors well known and experienced in Japan, so gamers can feel a more real fantasy feel inside games.

More detailed information about Shadow Seven can be seen at Facebook Shadow Seven.

Shadow Seven is available for FREE via link following.

Download Shadow Seven Android
Download Shadow Seven iOS

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