Seven Knights Releases Update for Awaken Pet Bran & Bron and Hero Gelidus

Datosphera.com – Netmarble Games announced attendance Special Pet ‘Bran & Bron’ in mobile game RPG Seven Knights along with variety update and event others in June 2020.

‘Bran & Bron’ is a Special Pet from ‘Branze & Bransel’.

Gamers can do Awaken and get Pet’s Cheer which is a passive skill from Bran & Bron.

On update June 2020, Seven Knights also presented a system ‘Hero Sanctum’.

Gamers can strengthen Hero by registering and using Hero the same one.

Seven Knights event June 2020

Gamers can get the Ex-Seven Knights Gelidus 4, Celestial Accessory Selector, and Ruby.

Other than that, gamers also could have Cheer Power Up Material, Pet Essence, and Pet ‘Setz’ through Step Up Summon Event.

Further information about Seven Knights can be found at website Seven Knights and Facebook Seven Knights.

Seven Knights is available for FREE via link following.

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Seven Knights specifications

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