Netmarble Games Will Release StoneAge World Soon in June 2020

Datosphera.com – Mobile game with the theme of prehistoric life from StoneAge World will soon be released Netmarble Games at the end of June 2020 on Android and iOS.

As games latest from IP StoneAge owned by Netmarble Games, StoneAge World has a game concept with a system Pet Collection and systems role-playing game (RPG).

Second concept Pet Collection and Role Playing Game combined with the MMO world full of adventure in a world of prehistoric times.

As turn-based version mobile from online games RPG Stone Age, StoneAge World has a world setting Tectonika that brings gamers Act as “Trainer”, that is Warrior responsible for protecting the world Tectonika from enemies by gathering, taming, and training Pet.

StoneAge World has more than 250 types Pet starting from dinosaur, woolly mammoth, pig, wolf, and others.

Gamers can explore the uniqueness of prehistoric society and protect the world Tectonika from the threat of the enemy of Machine Civilization.

The Opening of StoneAge World Pre-Registration Period

All gamers who pre-registered and have download StoneAge World on the official website will get 1,000,000 Stone (the main currency of StoneAge World).

Gamers those who pre-register on iOS and Android can also receive 50,000 Shell (currency premium StoneAge World).

Pre-download starting on 17 June 2020.

Pre-Register StoneAge World

StoneAge Wrold Release Date

StoneAge World is officially released on June 18, 2020.

StoneAge World Opening Launch Event

Currently, Pet Collection Event on the website StoneAge World pre-registration is in progress.

Further information about StoneAge World can be seen at website StoneAge World and Facebook StoneAge World.

StoneAge World is released for FREE on Android and iOS.
Download StoneAge World Android
Download StoneAge World iOS

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