Mobile Premier League Indonesia Presents 3 New Games from Indonesian Game Developers

Datosphera.com – Mobile Premier League which is eSports mobile platform announced his collaboration with three game developer Indonesia, that is Antpixel Studio, Ciayo and Touchten.

Collaboration three games of three game developer, XOXO Mania from Antpixel Studio, Monster Shooter Chip from Ciayo and Bull Fight from Touchten can already be played on platform Mobile Premier League.

“Collaboration with mobile game developers, especially from the local ecosystem, is a valuable experience for us.

By combining the expertise of local game developers with our experience in mobile esports platforms, we can get all the components needed to develop a unique project with the best prospects for Indonesia’s mobile Esports ecosystem.

By joining the Mobile Premier League platform, they have the potential to reach a wider community so that they can maximize the local esports industry, from presenting tournaments to creating jobs based on the creative economy.

The Mobile Premier League opens all partnership opportunities with local developers to market and profit through our platform. “

Joe Wadakethalakal, CEO of Mobile Premier League Indonesia.

With the addition of three new local games, it also enriches the variety arcade game competitive playable gamers in the Mobile Premier League where there are already 23 games join.

This partnership is also an opportunity for game developer Indonesia to get a wider market and monetize games via Mobile Premier League.

XOXO Mania

Mobile Premier League | XOXO Mania

XOXO Mania is a board game played by 2 gamers where they alternate X and O in the empty boxes.

Gamers will alternately signify X and O into squares totaling 11 x 11, gamers who manages to order five X or five O’s vertically, horizontally or diagonally wins the match.

CHIPS Monster Shooter

mobile premier league chips monster shooter

Mobile Premier League | CHIPS Monster Shooter

CHIPS Monster Shooter is a games gunfire against the monsters invading the city Chammyland.

Gamers must defeat monsters and destroy as many missiles as possible.

Power-Up which will appear periodically can blow up the monsters in front of the robot.

If gamers shoot Coco to shreds, the game will be over and score gamers counted.

Bull Fight

mobile premier league bull fight

Mobile Premier Leauge | Bull Fight

Bull Fight is a games bullfighting on line with gameplay easy to play and simple controls.

Beat your opponents by placing the right bulls and making use of different types of bulls to win tough matches.

Here are three responses from the 3 CEOs game developer Indonesia for the ongoing collaboration with the Mobile Premier League.

“The presence of the Mobile Premier League in Indonesia brings fresh air for local game developers.

We hope that the Mobile Premier League as the largest mobile esports platform in Southeast Asia will grow bigger and more successful so that it can participate in encouraging Indonesia to develop the creative industry, especially game development, “

Adrian Anwar Tedjamulya, CEO of Antpixel Studio.

“It is an honor for us to be able to present the games we have developed on the largest mobile esports platform in Southeast Asia.

With this collaboration, we have the opportunity to grow and develop better games so that we can continue to innovate in the global gaming industry. “

Victorio Primadi, CEO Ciayo

“The Mobile Premier League has led the market by introducing a viable mobile esports platform to the target market so far and we are very excited to bring quality game products to everyone.”

Rokimas Soeharyo, CEO of Touchten

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