Let’s Prevent Viruses, The Latest Collaboration Educational Game from Niji Games

Datosphera.com – Game developer Indonesia, Niji Games announced the results of the collaboration games the latest education “Let’s Prevent Viruses” that has been able to download on Android FREE.

On games Let’s Prevent Viruses, gamers will follow daily activities Bima during this Corona pandemic, and in carrying out various activities gamers will receive preventive or health information in kind mini-game or narrative stories.

Let’s Prevent Game Viruses

let's prevent game viruses

Let’s Prevent Game Viruses

With Bima, gamers will play and learn about:

  • Put on a mask.
  • Maintain Social Distancing.
  • Washing hands.
  • Careful Information.

All information is wrapped with pictures and activities games simple and fun.

The information submitted has also been officially on review by the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia.

Come on Prevent Viruses too games education with the first Corona theme in Indonesia.

let's prevent game viruses

Let’s Prevent Game Viruses

“The hope of making this game is that we can educate children to better understand actions in preventing Covid-19.”

– Ika, Learning designer and 1st Place in the Edu Game Making Competition for the Ministry of Education and Culture 2018.

“Let’s Prevent Viruses is the result of voluntary collaboration between Indonesian creative industry players who want to contribute to this pandemic situation in a way we can.”

Nikko, CEO of Niji Games.

Collaboration Participants games Let’s Prevent Viruses,

Game Studio – Niji Games and Eternal Dream Studio
Learning designer – Ika Yunsita Pratiwi
Illustrator – Diza (DAIG), Amelia Lola and Annisa N. Savitri
Composer – Jasson Prestiliano (JPsoundworks)

“Hopefully with this game we can educate both children and adults how to prevent Covid-19 and not be stubborn with the rules that have been made”

– Lucky, CEO of Eternal Dream Studio.

Download Let’s Prevent Android Viruses

let's prevent game viruses

Let’s Prevent Game Viruses

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