Legion of Champions Series II was successfully held

Datosphera.com – Lenovo successfully held Legion of Champions Series IIGrand Final (LOC; formerly short for League of Champions).

Competition gaming which lasted three days (26-28 January 2018) was the result of collaboration with Intel and managed to collect more than 60 gamers talented in Asia Pacific to be in Bangkok, Thailand.

Continuing the success of 2017, the competition Legion of Champions Series II expanded its scope with the participation of teams from Hong Kong and Taiwan, apart from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

After holding preliminary rounds in each country, including Indonesia, the champions from various countries gathered to compete their abilities in the round Grand Final “Lenovo Legion of Champions” in Bangkok, Thailand.

The team from Indonesia, Headhunters, competed against 10 teams from other countries, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

At the end of the competition, the Hong Kong Team came out as the overall champion, followed by the Philippines in second place, Malaysia in third, then Taiwan in fourth.

They won cash prizes of up to 500,000 THB (or around Rp. 200 million).

“Asia is the center of the growth of e-Sports, which is not only the main driver for PC gaming growth in the Asian region, but more than that.

E-Sports has brought disruption to the technology industry and created a new meaning for the gaming world,

E-Sports is increasingly being recognized as a professional sport, like basketball and football.

That’s why Lenovo held Legion of Champions II, providing an arena for the best gamers to shine and providing a platform for gaming enthusiasts to become part of an influential gamer community. “

Ivan Cheung, Executive Director and Regional General Manager, Lenovo Asia Pacific.

During the competition, participants use the device gaming from Lenovo Legion, providing a world-class experience in terms of speed, performance and consistency.

Apart from that, laptops Lenovo Legion Y520 Anniversary Edition exhibited for the first time at LoC 2018 to celebrate the one-year launch of the Lenovo Legion, the gaming sub-brand the first to be introduced at the time CES 2017.

Legion Y520 Anniversary Edition It comes in two designs, red and black and gold, and is available in limited quantities.

Legion of Champions Series II is one of Lenovo’s efforts to grow gamers the next generation and developing community gaming in Asia.

Contain gamers Professionals and amateurs alike, all teams competing in LoC 2018 are the best in the environment gaming Asia.

The champions from each country stand out in this exciting competition, going through elimination rounds in each country until finally reaching the round Grand Final, to compete against champions from other countries.

“We are very happy to be part of the Legion of Champions tournament.

As the gaming community grows in Asia, we are also seeing increasing expectations for better and faster processors to support and deliver the best gaming performance.

At Intel, we are committed to supporting the gaming needs of the e-Sports community by helping them perform at their best, through our innovative technology, and delivering the best gaming experiences. ”

George Chacko, Director, Global Account for Lenovo, Intel Asia Pacific and Japan.

Hundreds gamers has attended the 2018 Grand Final in Bangkok, Thailand and witnessed the birth of a new champion.

More complete information about LoC 2018 can be seen through LoC 2018 website.

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