Kemenparekraf Holds Baparekraf Prime Game 2020 Online

Datosphera – Event entitled Baparekraf Game Prime 2020 On line will take place on August 1 – 5, 2020.

This annual event is a collaboration between the Indonesian Game Association (AGI) and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy / the Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Kemenparekraf).

This activity began in 2016 with the name BEKRAF Game Prime and in its fifth year it changed its name to Baparekraf Game Prime.

The Baparekraf Game Prime 2020 Online event carries a new implementation concept, where the audience can watch it live through broadcast on line.

In times of the COVID-19 pandemic which limits activities gamers in the current period, Baparekraf Game Prime remains committed to presenting activities that support development and growth games Indonesia.

In the Baparekraf Game Prime 2020 event, an eSports event was also held, games, education, to entertainment that can be enjoyed by all levels of Indonesian society on line.

Support for Local Developers’ Work at the Indie Game Exhibition

Lots games which has been developed by game developer in Indonesia, but there are still many gamers and the general public who don’t play or don’t even know it.

Baparekraf Game Prime 2020 Online presents an online exhibition through the gameprime.org site which features a lot games the work of various nationalities game developer Indonesia.

There are at least 30 game developer local exhibited at Baparekraf Game Prime 2020 On line through the session online exhibition.

All over games carries a unique theme and certainly reflects the creativity of the industry games which is very diverse and continues to develop from time to time.

Indie Game Review Together Milokuma and Republic of the Sultan

10 studios selected in Baparekraf Game Prime 2020 will be reviewed by Milokuma and Republik Sultan.

Of course, Milokuma and Republik Sultan will immediately play and provide comments regarding games which is played.

Gamers can watch how Milokuma and Republik Sultan play and provide reviews from games selected on August 1, 2020 which is broadcast through Indonesian Game Association YouTube.

Masterclasses and Webinars for Game Industry Players

For the game developer or who want to be interested in plunging into the world of development games, Masterclass and webinars which is held by Baparekraf Game Prime 2020 Online can be an interesting activity to participate in.

Session Webinars and Masterclass will take place on August 2, 2020 and will be broadcast on Indonesian Game Association YouTube.

The following are the sessions that will take place at the Baparekraf Game Prime 2020 Webinar:

  • Session 1: Level Up Your Caeer in Game Development
    Speakers: Rianti Hidayat (Chief Designer – Gung Ho Entertainment) and Anggia Lestari (Co Founder – Masshive Media)
  • Session 2: SEA Gamer Insight and How to Win the Market
    Speakers: Ricky Setiawan (CEO GGWP.ID)
  • Session 3: Behind the Scenes AAA Games
    Speakers: Ken Lai (CEO of Brandonville Studio)
  • Session 4: Opportunity in The Middle of Pandemic
    Speakers: Joshua Simanjuntak (Acting Deputy for Digital Economy and Creative Products), Samuel Abrijani P (Ditjen APTIKA – Kemkominfo), and Cipto Adiguno (Chairman of the Indonesian Game Association)
  • Session 5: How to Protect Your IP
    Rachmad Imron (CEO Digital Happiness), Kris Antoni (CEO Toge Production), Jack Wong (GM MNC Licensing and IP Distribution)

While the sessions that took place in the Baparekraf Game Prime 2020 Masterclass were:

  • Session 1: How to Make a Simple Game from Scratch
    Speaker: Ramadhany Chandra (COO of Maulidan Games)
  • Session 2: Game Character Design: From Scratch to Finish
    Speaker: Brigitta Rena (Co-founder of Mojiken Studio)
  • Session 3: Shorten Your Development Timeline with Unreal
    Chris Murphy (Evangelist – Epic Games)

Becomes game developer is one of the promising things for the future.

Therefore, the development of knowledge, networks, and of course creativity in various aspects for development games required.

Masterclass and Webinars The Baparekraf Game Prime 2020 is a facility for those who want to develop themselves in industry and development games.

Werewolf and Guess the Picture with Influencers

Influencer and Public Figure such as Raditya Dika, Chandra Liow, Dimas Danang, Imam Darto, Onad, Mak Beti, Edelyn, and others who will play Werewolf and Guess the Picture in Baparekraf Game Prime 2020 Online.

As an element and also an actor in the creative industry, the existence of the Public Figure, Influencer, until caster who usually accompany eSports matches, also take part by playing games this while bringing their respective uniqueness.

They will have fun playing Werewolf representing board game, who became one games creatives on the move, and Guess the image via on line.

Baparekraf Game Prime 2020 PUBG Mobile Online Tournament

16 PUBG Mobile teams consisting of 14 professional teams in Indonesia and 2 best teams from Road to Baparekraf Prime Game 2020 Online will compete for a total prize of 100 million Rupiah on 4-5 August 2020.

All the teams that will compete are Louvre Esports, Morph, The Pillar, Bigetron ION, AURA, RRQ Ryu, Aerowolf, GEEK FAM, BOOM Esports, ONIC, NFT, BONAFIDE, Victim Esports, Alter Ego, NERO Team, and FORA Esports.

KitaBisa Donation, with Prizes for Game Console and Gaming Chair

In collaboration with KitaBisa, Baparekraf Game Prime mobilized the #GamersPeduli movement.

Through this movement, all gamers can make donations to support the vanguard and victims of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the whole gamers who donate through the #GamersPeduli movement, there will be an appreciation in the form of one unit console Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 Pro, and Gaming Chair for gamers the lucky one.

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