Here are 5 reasons why gamers should come to ANC 2018

Datosphera.com – Tournament Grand Final AOV National Championship (ANC) 2018 will soon be held at Tunjungan Plaza 6, Surabaya on Saturday, April 14 2018.

The 2018 AOV National Championship (ANC) event is held FREE for gamers by being presented with the 2018 ANC Semifinalist fight.

Here are 5 reasons gamers must come to Grand Final AOV National Championship (ANC) 2018.

ANC 2018 FREE merchandise

Merchandise FREE Arena of Valor will be given for gamers who attended ANC 2018.

Merchandise obtained in the form of a #PlayerAOVsejati T-shirt, ANC 2018 tote bag, clapper and coupons door prize.

To get merchandise, gamers only need to come to Atrium TP 6 Floor 2 on April 14 2018 before 11 am.

Show games Your AOV on booth register and earn merchandise FREE for 1,000 gamers first.

Apart from that, hats, key chains and AOV stickers will do gamers earn by answering quizzes and games during the event.

2018 ANC door prizes

Apart from FREE merchandise, there is too door prize to gamers loyal who watched the ANC match until the end.

There are 6 Powerbank, 3 Ruby, 3 smartphone OPPO F3, and the main prize is a pair of return tickets from Surabaya to Jakarta together full accommodation to attend the Grand Final of the AOV Star League (ASL) 2018, the prestigious professional tournament at AOV, which will be held in Jakarta in early May 2018.

ANC Cosplay Competition 2018

Garena Indonesia for the first time also organized a race cosplay official Arena of Valor.

The AOV cosplay competition feels very special because besides the million rupiah cash prize, the judges who judge are cosplayer which has been poor across the world cosplay national and international namely Echow and Miho.

The 2018 ANC cosplay competition is the main attraction, because gamers can take a photo with your favorite cosplay hero.

There will also be attendance 6 cosplay official Arena of Valor namely Violet, Butterfly, Murad, Zephys, Arthur, and 1 secret hero.

Matrix Photobooth ANC 2018

Talking about photos, Arena of Valor Indonesia is preparing photobooth which is trending ie matrix photobooth.

Gamers can immediately take pictures then share to social media.

The uniqueness of photobooth ANC 2018 is, gamers can get moving photos in form gif.

Beautiful Gamers AOV

There is gamers ladies at the 2018 ANC Grand Final. Bigetron Universe and NXA Ladies will compete directly in the 2018 ANC Grand Final to win the 2018 AOV Princess Cup title.

Not only are they beautiful, they are also very good at playing AOV where rank those in the Arena of Valor are Grand Conqueror.

The 2018 AOV Princess Cup event will be hosted by gamers-a magician who is famous for his sweet gingsul, Princess Rizuki.

Those are 5 reasons why gamers must come to Grand Final AOV National Championship (ANC) 2018.

Please come to the atrium Tunjungan Plaza 6, 2nd floor and see the event in person Grand Final ANC 2018 and Princess Cup 2018.

Further information about the Arena of Valor can be seen at website Arena of Valor and Facebook Arena of Valor.

Arena of Valor is available for FREE via link following.

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