Blade & Soul Revolution Releases ‘Whirlwind Valley’ Battlefield Update

Datosphera.com – Netmarble Games announce attendance battlefield update the latest ‘Whirlwind Valley’ in Blade & Soul Revolution in July 2020.

Whirlwind Valley is a PvP battlefield battle team 4 vs 4 which requires control, cooperation, and strategy in order team with point the highest can win the game.

Blade & Soul Revolution | Battlefield – Whirlwind Valley

The main key to victory Whirlwind Valley is to get point by conquering Dragon Brazier and seek profit for the team.

Gamers can beat Boss Monster that appears at certain times to get buff or defeat enemies to get extra points.

In addition to, gamers can receive gifts in the form of Silver, EXP, and Whirlwind Token according to the number of wins as well Crystal and Silver corresponding rank on each season.

Blade & Soul Revolutiono event July 2020

The PvP Mission Festival has arrived to celebrate Whirlwind Valley updates.

Gamers who complete the mission playing on Arena and Whirlwind Valley also can get Black Box as a gift.

Gamers can now get Heroic Fragment when completing the mission on Daily Dungeon.

Other than that, gamers also can get Greater Hongmoon Chi Box by completing missions related to Training Area.

Blade & Soul Revolution is mobile An MMORPG adapted from online game Blade & Soul PC with content Faction War large-scale real-time and a fast-paced martial arts experience.

Game it maintains the overall quality of the 3D graphics as well as the same content as the PC version and is updated so that it can work properly on mobile.

More complete information about Blade & Soul Revolution can be seen via website Blade & Soul Revolution and Facebook Blade & Soul Revolution.

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