Blade & Soul Revolution Releases Faction War First Update

Datosphera.com – Netmarble Games announce update prime ‘Faction War’ for mobile MMORPG Blade & Soul Revolution.

Update first Blade & Soul Revolution introduces this content Real-time Open Field Faction War large scale that can be enjoyed gamers.

Update consists of a battle between the two Faction big that is Cerulean Order and Crimson Legion with scaled maps, multiplayer, and many PvP features gamers.

Gamers from Faction who won Faction War will get various prizes such as Soulstone, Buff, and Faction Point.

Gamers can use a variety of available strategies such as defeating Ironfang or use Watchtower.

In addition to, gamers can follow Faction War if it meets the participation conditions and contributes to the win Faction in many ways.

Blade & Soul Revolution | Update Faction War

Blade & Soul Revolution event May 2020

Netmarble Games has prepared two event which will start on May 28, 2020.

Gamers can get Soulstone by completing the mission on Conqueror Battlefield Event.

Gamers also can get 400,000 Silver from Level Up Faction Event by participating in Faction War and War Area and grabbed Faction Point to increase Faction rank.

Blade & Soul Revolution is mobile An MMORPG adapted from online game Blade & Soul PCs with large-scale Faction War content real-time and a fast-paced martial arts experience.

This game maintains the same overall 3D graphics quality and content as the PC version and is updated so that it can work properly on mobile.

More complete information about Blade & Soul Revolution can be seen via website Blade & Soul Revolution and Facebook Blade & Soul Revolution.

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