AOV World Championship (AWC) 2018 Announces Selection Participants

Datosphera.com – Garena announced the national team selection mechanism Arena of Valor for each region participants AOV World Championship (AWC) 2018.

The 2018 AOV World Championship (AWC) was held in July 2018 in Los Angeles, United States.

AOV World Championship (AWC) 2018 no longer only carries the name of a team like AIC 2017 ago in Seoul, South Korea; however, each team will represent their respective countries.

Each region has its own team selection mechanism and a very strict and selective selection process.

The 2018 AOV World Championship (AWC) brings together representatives from 9 countries, namely Indonesia, Taiwan / Hong Kong / Macau, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore / Malaysia / Philippines, South Korea, Europe, North America and South America.

Each region entitled to 1 national team slot that will depart to LA. Additionally, there will be 3 wild card awarded in the 2018 AOV World Championship (AWC) tournament.

Third wild card it is the winning country of AIC 2017, the winning country Throne of Glory (TOG) 2017, and one slot invitation directly by the game developer AOV, that is Tencent.

Each AWC national team consists of 7 players: 5 core players, 1 reserve player and 1 coach. Differences in the mechanism of selecting the national team in each region makes AWC even more unique.

There is a possibility later gamers will see the national team with player members from different teams.

The 2018 AOV World Championship (AWC) Selection Mechanism

The following is the selection mechanism from various AOV regions.

  • Thailand, Indonesia: Professional league tournament, or selected from the coach of the winning team.
  • Thailand wild card: Winner of the AWC qualification, provided there are no more than 2 players from the winning team in the pro league.
  • Vietnam: Winner of the pro league tournament, the team can choose 1 substitute player from the other team.
  • Taiwan / Hong Kong / Macau: Winner of the GCS pro league tournament. For the team wild card, there is voting which will be chosen by local AOV players.
  • Singapore / Malaysia / Philippines, South Korea, Europe, North America, South America: Winner of the AWC qualification.

For representatives of the AOV Indonesia team, Garena Indonesia is preparing for the selection process through the tournament AOV Star League (ASL) 2018.

ASL 2018 is the most prestigious professional league with a total cash prize of 1.5 billion rupiah.

In addition to the title and cash, the best AOV team that won the 2018 ASL will represent Indonesia at AWC 2018 in Los Angeles, United States.

As proven by the existence of ASL 2018, professional teams in Indonesia are increasingly competitive and developing.

It is hoped that the Indonesian national team will be able to achieve brilliant achievements at AWC 2018.

Further information about the Arena of Valor can be seen at website Arena of Valor and Facebook Arena of Valor.

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