AOV Star League 2018 (ASL 2018) Season 1 Tournament Has Started

Datosphera.com – Garena Indonesia announced the start of the AOV Star League 2018 (ASL 2018) Season 1 Tournament in early March 2018.

Lots scene interesting things that happened in the previous game, starting from theft Dark Slayer, until comeback at the last minute.

Theft Dark Slayer this is not an easy thing to imitate. GM Maraville himself has analyzed the incident of theft Dark Slayer which the Bigetron team did to RRQ Nova.

Strategy Sandwich or what is called a triangle formation by GM Maraville is applied by Bigetron’s team, because it can maximize theft Dark Slayer up to more than 50%.

Of course, team cohesiveness and calculation analysis skillA sharp l is also needed so that Dark Slayer’s theft doesn’t end up being a disaster.

Not only theft Dark Slayer, at the 2018 ASL match, there were also unexpected events when creep (designation for team squad) from Brother E-sports team beat Bigetron.

At ASL 2018 week 4, Brother E-sports, who previously won several matches comeback, come back with comeback the unexpected.

At the time Bigetron attacked base Brother E-sport, super creep Brother E-sports is eating away base Bigetron.

Even though only a few seconds differ, super creep Brother E-sports finally gave the first points to Brother E-sports, even though overall the game, Bigetron still won by a score of 2-1.

In mid-season this time, Bigetron E-sports is in the lead with a record of never losing since the ASL Playoff.

Followed by EVOS AOV, the defending champion who always represents Indonesia.

Brother E-sports won the third position, then the fourth position was won by DG E-sports.

The fifth position is RRQ Nova, and GGWP.id is in the sixth position.

The six teams have to fight as much as possible because the total ASL prize reaches 1.6 billion.

With weekly incentives, ASL professional players are sure to stay focused mobile eSports especially in improving AOV playing skills.

What’s more, the winning bonuses given by their ASL are getting more and more enthusiastic in their pursuit of victory.

Apart from presenting an interesting match, the audience also had the opportunity to get doorpize by guessing the winner of the last match on that day.

Watch ASL 2018

AOV Star League 2018 (ASL 2018) Season 1 matches will continue on channel youtube Garena AOV Indonesia, until Indonesia actually gets a winner who deserves to compete in AOV World Cup 2018.

AOV Star League 2018 (ASL 2018) Season 1 matches can be watched live in Youtube AOV Indonesia every Thursday at 19.00 WIB.

Further information about the Arena of Valor can be seen at website Arena of Valor and Facebook Arena of Valor.

Arena of Valor is available for FREE via link following.

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